Chinese Specialised Translation

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The aim of the course is to provide the students with some useful tools to translate texts and documents from contemporary Chinese production. Special attention will be devoted to the analysis of syntactical structures, specific lexicon, words and keywords of the language of the media and literature.
Expected learning outcomes
Students will translate different typologies of texts. This work will refine their knowledge of the Chinese contemporary language and it will foster their ability to render these specialised texts in Italian without betraying their link to the original context of production. A constant interaction between the students and the teachers will refine the students' critical capacities and their communicative skills in a formal context.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Due to the difficulties we are facing, the program will temporarily be subjected to changes as the course will partially will develop online:

Teaching methods:
Lessons will mainly be held in videoconference using Teams, with the exception of some asynchronous lessons (videolessons). All lessons will be recorded and made available on Ariel.

The didactic activities also include students' independent translation work and active participation to classroom activities.

All the details of the activities will be published on Ariel at the beginning of the semester. Any updates will be communicated on the platform.

Reference materials:
In addition to the bibliography reported in the program, reference should be made to all the lessons, materials and resources published on Ariel.

Learning assessment procedures and assessment criteria:
The exam is oral.

Active participation in class is also part of the final score.

The oral exam takes place on Teams, according to the indications provided by the University. Any communication on deadlines and organisation of the tests will be published on Ariel.

The oral exam is the same for both attended and non-attended students, with the only difference that the oral conversation for non-attended students will consist of a greater number of questions.
Course syllabus
During classes workshops we will be translating specialised languages and literary texts. The texts will be uploaded to Ariel at the beginning of the semester.
Prerequisites for admission
Chinese Language B2.
Teaching methods
Workshop on specialised languages and literary texts translation.
Teaching Resources
Mariarosa Bricchi, La lingua è un'orchestra, Il Saggiatore, Milano, 2018
Ilide Carmignani, Gli autori invisibili, Controluce (Nardò), Lecce, 2014
Yu Hua (a cura di S. Pozzi), Lezioni milanesi, Unicopli, Milano, 2020

Other documents and selected texts will be published on the course website on the Ariel platform.

Wu Guanghua (a cura di), Han-ying da cidian, The Chinese-English Dictionary (terza edizione), Shanghai yiwen chubanshe, Shanghai, 2010
Xiandai Hanyu Cidian (monolingua, VII edizione), Shangwu yinshuguan, Beijing, 2016
Assessment methods and Criteria
Evaluation on the skills in specialised and literary translation from Chinese into Italian.
Lessons: 40 hours