Comparative Commercial Law

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
L'insegnamento è volto a fornire allo studente le nozioni di diritto societario comparato. In particolare, il corso ha ad oggetto lo studio della disciplina e dei modelli organizzativi europei ed extraeuropei in materia di imprese e società, nonché i principali modelli di governo ed amministrazione delle società con titoli quotati in mercati regolamentati.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
The course will be held on line
Course syllabus
Teaching is aimed at providing the student with the notions of comparative corporate law. In particular, the course involves the study of European and non-European regulations, as well as the main models of corporate governance of listed companies in regulated markets.
Alternatively, students can opt for monographic programmes on specific legal systems.
Prerequisites for admission
Recommended, non-mandatory, preparation: Comparative legal systems
Teaching methods
The teaching, which includes classic face to face lessons, is characterized by a broad involvement of students, thanks to constant interaction and moments dedicated to sharing the main themes taught.
Teaching Resources
General programme materials:
- KRAAKMAN e altri, Diritto societario comparato: un approccio funzionale, Bologna, 2006;
- CORAPI - DE DONNO SFORZA, Società - Diritto comparato e straniero, in Enc. Giur. Treccani, Roma 1993;
- DE DONNO SFORZA, Società - Diritto comparato e straniero, Postilla di aggiornamento, in Enc. Giur. Treccani, Roma 2001;
It is also necessary to be aware of Italian law on limited companies (we recommend that you consult Articles 2325ff. of the Civil Code and read up the topic in the latest edition of any manual of private law institutions).
Monographic studies materials (alternatively):
- Pier Filippo Giuggioli - Naiara Posenato (a cura di), Diritto dell'impresa e degli investimenti in Brasile, Milano, 2017, in Collana di Diritto Commerciale Comparato (diretto da Pier Filippo Giuggioli);
- - Gabriele Crespi Reghizzi - Vladimir Fedorovic Popondopulo, Diritto commerciale russo, Milano, 2020, in Collana di Diritto Commerciale Comparato (diretto da Pier Filippo Giuggioli).
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exam is oral only. The student will initially be asked general questions and subsequently more detailed ones about the programme. Both knowledge of the programme and the ability to make comparative assessments of what has been learned will be assessed.
The average duration of the exam is about 15/20 minutes.
IUS/02 - COMPARATIVE PRIVATE LAW - University credits: 9
Lessons: 60 hours