Corporate communication

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The following objectives are identified:
- provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the theoretical basis of corporate communication, its dynamics and impact;
- provide an in-depth view into subjects such as organisational identity, corporate branding, strategic reputation management and corporate brand communication;
- apply theoretical frameworks to diagnose and describe a company's identity;
- present the latest research in corporate and brand communications and adapt this to a practical setting through workshops and projects.
Expected learning outcomes
After exploring corporate communication functions, students must demonstrate a critical understanding of the role of the corporate communication practitioner in an organisation. They will develop the managerial skills and knowledge necessary for designing and implementing a realistic communication plan within a corporate environment, together with the scholarly skills needed to indipendently conduct further research. These outcomes will be pursued by practicing analytical tasks (corporate brand audit and analysis of scenarios, trends, customer typologies) and by familiarising with effective ways of communicating (concept development and professional presentation creation).
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First trimester
Course syllabus
The course provides students with an in-depth view into subjects such as organisational identity, corporate branding, strategic reputation management and corporate brand communication:
- Corporate identity
- Corporate reputation
- Branding and brand portfolio management
- Corporate brand audit
- Communication tools and techniques
- Integrated communication strategy and messaging
- Research and measurement
- Specialist areas
Prerequisites for admission
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching methods
The main body of the course will be delivered in lectures, which will be supported by case studies, self-managed practical exercises inside and outside the classroom, and a group project work.
Teaching Resources
Attending students:
The Final Test will be based on the material covered in Lectures (slide presentations and suggested readings available at
Non attending students:
Cornelissen, J., Corporate Communications: Theory and Practice (5th Edition), SAGE, 2017/2020
Assessment methods and Criteria
Assessment (attending students):
- Group assignment, typically an outline communications plan for a specified company/brand/organisation in the form of a 15-minute presentation, worth 50% of the overall module mark;
- Individual written test (10 questions to be answered in 60 minutes), worth 50% of the overall module mark; the test must be performed within March exam session.
Assessment (non attending students): individual written test (10 open-ended questions based on the textbook(s) to be answered in 60 minutes.
Lessons: 60 hours
Professor: Montieri Vittorio
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