Dissertation lab

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The Dissertation Lab mainly aims to provide students with the basic instruments to structure the final dissertation of the master "Global Politics and Society", and is especially intended for those students who will conduct an outright research for the final dissertation. More specifically, the lab will introduce the main research methods in the social and political sciences, and will illustrate how to define and develop a research topic, how to organize the research work, and how to present the research and its findings, both in written and oral form.
The lab consists of both standard lectures and in-class activities, during which students will be encouraged to apply what they learn, based on their own research interests.
The skills students will acquire through the Dissertation Lab will be useful even in the professional field, especially for writing reports and preparing oral presentations.
For more information, please do not hesitate to be in touch with the professor.
Expected learning outcomes
By the end of the Dissertation Lab, students will master the following skills:
- How to organize a research work;
- How to collect bibliographic sources and how to review the literature;
- How to find (and collect) the relevant data;
- How to present the research in written form;
- How to present the research in oral form, including the preparation of power-point slide presentations.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Third trimester
In case the emergency phase due to the pandemic will continue, please consider the following.
Teaching methods: The course will be delivered on Microsoft Teams. Students are expected to attend the lectures in sync. A recorded version of each lecture will be stored and made available. In-class activities will be held through Microsoft Teams, too.
Syllabus and teaching resources: The course's content and reference material will not change.
Course syllabus
Topics discussed during the lectures:
- Introduction to research methods in the social and political sciences;
- How to collect the literature and the data;
- How to present a research in a written essay;
- How to present a research in a talk.

In-class activities: Students will have the opportunity to apply the instruments acquired during the lab to their own research interests. More specifically, they will write a few short essays (about one page each) to:
a) Present a research topic and justify its relevance;
b) Review the literature on the topic;
c) Present and comment a graph or a table created using relevant data.
Finally, students will prepare a short power-point presentation on their own research project and will present it to their colleagues (about 5-10 slides for a 10-12-minute presentation).
Prerequisites for admission
No specific prerequisite is needed, but students will be expected to take part in the class's activities.
Teaching methods
The lab will consist of both lectures and in-class activities.
Teaching Resources
Published soon.
Assessment methods and Criteria
There will be no final exam, but students should attend at least 70% of the lab (seven meetings out of ten) and take part in the class's activities (both compulsory).
SPS/07 - GENERAL SOCIOLOGY - University credits: 3
Laboratories: 20 hours
Professor: Cassani Andrea