Multilevel Constitutionalism

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The course is part of the legal area of the Master's programme, and it aims at improving the knowledge and understanding of the European Union's constituent process, the European "multilevel governance" system and their effects on the national constitutional systems, thus enabling the students with the tools necessary to master the fundamental principles of constitutionalism (in its multilevel dimension) with adequate legal terminology and methodology. It provides the students with the elements of Multilevel Constitutionalism that are necessary for the professional skillsets developed in the "Governance and decision-making processes" curriculum.
The course will deal with the main issues of Multilevel Constitutionalism, analysing also the most problematic aspects in order to develop the student's critical approach. A part of the course will be focused on the in-class analysis of jurisprudential cases, in order to provide the student with the ability to understand and individually and critically analyse the different facets of contemporary Multilevel Constitutionalism.
Expected learning outcomes
At the course's conclusion students will gain an advanced knowledge and understanding of Multilevel Constitutionalism, with particular regard to the governance and decision-making processes at the European and national constitutional levels.
Students will gain the ability to read and interpret Constitutional Law, the European Treaties and the most relevant pieces of legislation in the light of the main aspects of contemporary Multilevel Constitutionalism.
The course also aims at encouraging a continuous exchange of views between students (and with the teacher) on the European integration process and to teach students how to draft, after the lessons and seminars, papers and legal texts connected to the matters that were discussed.
The course will provide students with the skills necessary to apply the acquired knolwedge and undertanding of Multilevel Constitutionalism and to develop their legal reasoning and to improve their mastery of legal terminology.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

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Unità didattica 1
IUS/08 - CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - University credits: 3
Lessons: 20 hours
Unità didattica 2
IUS/08 - CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - University credits: 3
Lessons: 20 hours
Unità didattica 3
IUS/08 - CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - University credits: 3
Lessons: 20 hours