Simulation modelling for precision agriculture

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
To choose, implement and evaluate solutions to prepare prescription maps for fertilisation, soil amendment and weed control. The work will be carried out in the case study of the integrated laboratory "Precision agriculture".
Expected learning outcomes
To use site-specific data of soil and crop status in precision agriculture. To choose and to implement with computer tools (e.g. spreadsheets, programming languages, and statistical packages) simple algorithms to prepare prescription maps for fertilisation, soil amendment and weed control.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Dear students,
these are the changes due to the virus emergency:

Teaching methods
- Most lectures and practicals will be online using Microsoft Teams.

No changes.

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No changes. The exam will be carried out online if it will not be possible to do in the classroom.
Course syllabus
First part (first semester)
· Introduction to GIS and tools for preparing maps derived from soil and vegetaion sensors.
· Identification of homogeneous management areas
· Implementation of algorithms for fertilisation prescription maps
Second part (second semester)
· Creation of fertilisation prescription maps using algorithms implemented during the first semester
· Analysis and application of algorithms for prescription maps related to other management practices (e.g. tillage, sowing, weed control)
Prerequisites for admission
- Geomatics in agriculture
- Statistics
- Agronomy
- Management practices of the most important arable crops
- Use of a spreadsheet
Teaching methods
These classes are given in the first and second semester.
- In the first semester: 1.0 CFU lessons + 1.0 CFU computer practical
- In the second semester: 0.5 CFU lessons + 2.0 CFU computer practical + 0.5 CFU fieldwork

(a) Lessons will be used to present the contents
(b) Computer practical will be used to implement in a GIS the algorithms for site-specific crop and soil management
(c) During fieldwork, data will be acquired to be used during computer practical

On ARIEL you can find: lecture slides; data and text of computer practical; additional teaching material (e.g. videos, articles).

Attending these classes is strongly encouraged.
Teaching Resources
- Casa, R., 2016. Agricoltura di precisione, Collana Edagricole Università e Formazione. Edagricole-New Business Media, Milano, Italy.
- Heege, H.J. (Ed.), 2013. Precision in Crop Farming. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht. doi:10.1007/978-94-007-6760-7
- Documents and articles provided by the professors.
Assessment methods and Criteria
Written examination with questions (open or with multiple predefined answers), and exercises.
AGR/02 - AGRONOMY AND FIELD CROPS - University credits: 5
Field activity: 8 hours
Computer room practicals: 48 hours
Lessons: 12 hours
Professor: Corti Martina