Survey, map drawing and materials for green areas

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The goal of the course is to illustrate the importance survey and map drawing in green areas design, as well as illustrate the usefulness of different materials
Expected learning outcomes
Basic knowledge of cartography, correct lecture and use of the maps; basic knowledge surveying techniques; use of CAD systems, knowledge of building materials and their use in green areas design.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
For this year, teaching will be structured in a mixed way:
40 hours of synchronous distance teaching including lectures, seminars and CAD exercises
8 hours of face-to-face teaching including presentation of the activities, degree test and discussion of the drawings

NB To carry out the CAD exercises, the student must have a PC with an Autocad version after 2009 installed.
The program can be downloaded for free from the Autodesk website, after registering with the institutional email.
The hardware minimum requirements are also indicated on the page
Course syllabus
SURVEY 2CFU: elements of cartography, elements of GPS maps reading, elements of topography.
MATERIALS 2CFU: characteristics of building materials: natural and artificial stones, bricks, ceramics, wood, mortar and concrete, metals, plastic and rubber. Construction types: paving solutions, green roofs, green walls, and stormwater management.
CAD program (2CFU): drawing tools, precision design, editing, layer management, blocks text, quotation and layout.
Without differences between attending and not attending.
Prerequisites for admission
Basic computer skills without differences between attending and not attending
Teaching methods
Lessons to reach basic knowledge+ classroom exercises (computer lab) to apply the knowledge acquired+ fieldwork for surveys and site visits (weather permitting).
Attendance is strongly recommended.
Teaching Resources
The teaching material is available on the course website: ( - Rilievo disegno e materiali per le aree verdi):
- slides used during the lessons
- materials and instructions used during CAD Lab
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exam aims to evaluate the knowledge learned about the use of drawing software, the use of building materials and survey tools.
he course is structured in a laboratory with the development of a design theme that varies from year to year through the creation and display of technical tables that will have to be brought and discussed in the oral exam (classification map, vegetation map, survey cards vegetation, functional layout, project plan, sections, technical construction details, technical feasibility sheet and economic feasibility sheet of the proposal)
For attending students it is possible to take a grade test, in the week of suspension of teaching, concerning the delivery of the first three maps:
- large scale map
- survey of the vegetation map with cards of the plants surveyed
- functional layout
The student must deliver the pdf maps 3 days before the test, take the printed papers to the test, present them and answer the questions relating to them. The evaluation of this test will be expressed in marks. The results of the grade test will be posted on the Ariel teaching website. The weight of this test is equal to 25% of the final grade.
To take the final exam, the student must deliver all the maps (including those already submitted for the grade test) in pdf format 3 days before the exam and bring the printed papers to the exam, present them and answer the questions to them relative.
The final grade will be composed as follows: 50% of the documents produced, 25% of the presentation of the documents, 25% of the answers to the questions
Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Fumagalli Natalia
by appointment
Agricultural Engineering (Building n. 10)