Humanities Laboratories

Information for Bachelor's and Master's degree students

(with the exception of the following workshops: Information and Web Management, Archaeological Dig, Fai, Unicef, Italian Writing). 

You will find below the binding deadlines and procedures for registration to workshops for the 1st and 2nd semesters of academic year 2020-21.

For the purposes of admission to the final exam (i.e. the graduation exam), you are required to attend workshops. The selection of students entitled to attend the workshops will be managed at degree programme level.

You may register for the workshops in the weeks preceding the start of the semester (indicatively: from mid-September, for the first semester; from mid-January, for the second semester). For more information on registration opening dates, please visit your degree programme website, workshop section).

During the workshop, you will have to register through the exam registration service for credits to be recorded. The procedure, which is similar to exam registration, must be carried out according to the following schedule:

  • for first-semester workshops, from 16 November to 4 December 2020;
  • for second-semester workshops, from 29 March to 20 April 2021.
How to enrol

You can register for a workshop through the exam registration service, by selecting:

  • Exams
  • Elective courses
Italian writing workshops

For 2020 too, students of the degree programmes in the Humanities, Foreign Languages and Literature, Cultural Heritage, Liberal Studies in Communication and Human sciences of Environment, Landscape, Territory may attend Italian writing workshops, to be delivered as follows:

  • Online virtual-classroom workshops;
  • Self-training workshops, with a tutor;
  • Self-training workshops, without a tutor.
Online virtual-classroom workshops

Enrolled in virtual classes, students follow the lessons on the Ariel e-learning platform.

The workshops are weekly, and last approximately 10 weeks. They are held both in the first and second semester.

During class, you will write an argumentative essay on a subject agreed with the lecturer and submit it to the lecturer for assessment.

Enrol through the exam registration service. You will receive an email to your institutional account ( with the start date and the login address to download learning materials.

Self-training workshops, with a tutor

You will study on your own and practice on the materials made available online or included in the lecture notes (Laboratorio di scrittura, Milan, Led, 2004).

However, you will also have an online tutor who will propose group training activities, suggest reading and in-depth study materials, and provide sample tests and other materials to be downloaded.

Enrol through the exam registration service, as for online virtual-classroom workshops.
Enrolment to first-semester online virtual-classroom and self-training workshops opens in the second and third weeks of October. Lectures will start in the first or second week of November.

Self-training workshops, without a tutor

You will have to download materials and worksheets through the website, or purchase the lecture notes (Laboratorio di scrittura, Milan, Led, 2004).

Registration for the final exam
After completing your self-training programme, register through the exam registration service for one of the three exam sessions scheduled in each academic year (usually in mid-January, mid-May, mid-October), consisting of a written test awarding 3 credits (CFU).

Registration opens about one month before the exam date.