Graduates with a single-cycle Master's degree in Veterinary Medicine (class LM-42) are entitled to sit the State Board Exam.

Notice to candidates

In compliance with the physical distancing rules and Ministerial Decree no. 661 of 24 September 2020, the meeting will take place via videoconference, using the Microsoft Teams platform. For performance reasons, it is recommended that you install and use MS Teams on your PC.

The exams will take place from 16 to 19 November 2020,

as the performance of the web app is limited. To download the application: You can reach the public channel for state exams can be reached through Microsoft Teams, at the following link: read.tacv2/Generale?groupId=f184e8c7-cf55-404a-9dc7- f0074597387c&tenantId=13b55eef-7018-4674-a3d7-cc0db06d545c 

On 10 November 2020, at 3.00 pm, a general functional test of the platform will be carried out. We kindly ask all candidates to participate.

Registering for the exam

2nd session 2020

Registrations for the Veterinary State Exam will be open from 16 September 2020 to 16 October 2020.

The State exams for qualification to practice the Veterinarian profession will begin on 16 November 2020 and will consist of a remote oral exam, in compliance with Ministerial Decree no. 661 of 24 September 2020.

The procedures and deadlines for registering to the State exam are set out in the Bando di ammissione.

Candidates shall apply online through the service Domanda di ammissione Esame di Stato.

Fees and payments

State exam fees must be paid through PagoPA, the Public Administration payment service, by accessing the Servizio Gestione Pagamenti > Contributi per prestazioni d'Ufficio:

  • € 49.58 – Agenzia delle Entrate (Inland Revenue) - STATE EXAM FEE - 
  • € 400.00 - University of Milan - STATE EXAM REGISTRATION FEE

Documents to be submitted

To complete the online application for the State exam, upload a copy of:

  • receipt of the PagoPA payment of € 49.58 - STATE EXAM FEE;
  • receipt of the PagoPA payment of € 400.00 - STATE EXAM REGISTRATION FEE;
  • for graduates from campuses other than the University of Milan: self-certification of graduation;
  • for candidates who will obtain their degree after the application deadline (however, within the exam date): statement of graduation application.
Absent candidates

Candidates who have enrolled for the first exam session but are absent on exam day may submit a new application for the second session by the stated deadline. Any documentation previously submitted and any payments already made will be valid for the new application (with the exception of any balances still owing).

Examining Committee, calendars and results
Examining Committee

Chairman: Prof. Davide PRAVETTONI

Alternate Chairman: Prof. Gustavo GANDINI.

Subcommittee for medical clinic, prophylaxis and avian pathology: Prof. Stefano FAVERZANI, Dr. Luciano CHIODI, Dr. Giorgio CARUBBI; Alternates: Prof. Paola SCARPA, Prof. Eva SPADA, Prof. Francesco FERRUCCI, Prof. Daniela PROVERBIO, Prof. Paola BRAMBILLA, Dr. Marco Giovanni MALBERTI.

Subcommittee for surgical clinic and obstetrics and gynecological clinic: Prof. Damiano STEFANELLO, Dr. Alberto CASARTELLI, Dr. Laura TORRIANI; Alternates: Prof. Stefano ROMUSSI, Prof. Alessandro PECILE, Prof. Giuliano RAVASIO, Dr. Carla BERNASCONI.

Subcommittee for Zootechnics I and II: Prof. Valentino BONTEMPO, Dr. Romano GENOVESI, Dr. Luigi GALIMBERTI; Alternates: Prof. Vittorio MORETTI, Prof. Elisabetta CANALI, Prof. Michela MINERO, Dr. Claudio SANTAMBROGIO.

Subcommittee for the inspection and control of foodstuffs of animal origin I and II: Prof. Cristian BERNARDI, Dr. Giovanni RATTEGNI, Dr. Umberto GALLI; Alternates: Prof. Simone STELLA, Prof. Eugenio SCANZIANI, Dr. Massimo FIORETTI.

Communication for candidates for the State exam - 1st session 2020 - VETERINARIAN

General test of the TEAMS Platform with candidates

The State Exams to qualify for the VETERINARIAN profession, for the first session of the year 2020, will be held using the Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platform.

On 9 July 2020, at 5.30 pm, a general functional test of the platform will be carried out based on the State exam sessions.

You can reach the public channel of Committee 1at the following link:

For performance reasons, it is recommended that you install and use the MS Teams app on your PC, as the performance of the web app is limited. To download the app:

To register for the application, you will have to use your unimi email credentials.


Presidente: Prof. Davide PRAVETTONI

Presidente supplente: Prof. Gustavo GANDINI

Sottocommissione di clinica medica, profilassi e patologia aviare: Prof. Davide PRAVETTONI, Dott. Luciano CHIODI, Dott. Giorgio CARUBBI

Supplenti: Prof. Stefano FAVERZANI, Prof.ssa Paola SCARPA, Prof.ssa Eva SPADA, Prof. Francesco FERRUCCI, Prof.ssa Daniela PROVERBIO, Prof.ssa Paola BRAMBILLA, Dott. Marco Giovanni MALBERTI, Dott.ssa Cinzia CORTELEZZI, Dott. Paolo ZUCCHI

Sottocommissione di clinica chirurgica e clinica ostetrica e ginecologica: Prof. Damiano STEFANELLO, Dott. Alberto CASARTELLI, Dott.ssa Laura TORRIANI

Supplenti: Prof. Stefano ROMUSSI, Prof. Alessandro PECILE, Prof. Giuliano RAVASIO, Prof.ssa Debora GROPPETTI, Dott.ssa Carla BERNASCONI, Dott. Danilo Giuseppe Vincenzo BELLUCCI, Dott. Paolo BOSSI, Dott. Pietro Maria ROMAGNOLI, Dott. Francesco ORIFICI

Sottocommissione di zootecnia I e II: Prof. Valentino BONTEMPO, Dott. Romano GENOVESI, Dott. Luigi GALIMBERTI

Supplenti: Prof. Gustavo GANDINI, Prof. Vittorio MORETTI, Prof.ssa Elisabetta CANALI, Prof.ssa Michela MINERO, Prof. Michele POLLI, Prof. Maria Lina LONGERI, Prof.ssa Clara PALESTRINI, Dott. Claudio SANTAMBROGIO, Dott. Vittorio MILINI, Dott.ssa Grazia Colomba VITTADINI

Sottocommissione di ispezione e controllo delle derrate alimentari di origine animale I e II: Prof. Cristian BERNARDI, Dott. Giovanni RATTEGNI, Dott. Umberto GALLI

Supplenti: Prof. Simone STELLA, Prof. Eugenio SCANZIANI, Dott. Massimo FIORETTI, Dott. Fabio CAPITANI, Dott. Francesco MARASCHI, Dott. Gianluigi VALSECCHI, Dott. Renato Maria MALANDRA