Erasmus Traineeship – Outgoing Opportunities

What is Erasmus+ Traineeship?

The Erasmus+ programme provides you with the opportunity to carry out a traineeship abroad at a company, a research or training centre, or another organization.

Study programmes and partner institutions vary from year to year, depending on the agreements closed by individual teachers.

Traineeship activities will be agreed with departmental Erasmus Coordinators and defined in your Learning Agreement for Traineeship.

The traineeship lasts 2 to 12 months for Bachelor's degree programmes, and up to 24 months for Master's and single-cycle degree programmes. The total period abroad includes both study and traineeship mobility.

Selected students will be awarded a scholarship whose amount is set annually by the Erasmus Agency (usually higher than study mobility grants: between € 400, for countries with a high cost of living, and € 350 for those with a medium / low cost of living).  

Who can participate?

  • All undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD students regularly enrolled (you can apply as early as the first year). The traineeship must be entirely carried out before discussing the degree thesis.
  • Those who have completed their degree or PhD programme, on condition that they are regularly enrolled at the time of application and that the traineeship is carried out within 12 months from graduation.

Information and appointments:
Contact Center – Informastudenti

For partner universities:

How do you participate?

You can apply for the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme online, submitting the following documents:

  1. your curriculum vitae;
  2. a self-certification stating the exams taken with the relevant grades. This document is not required of third-cycle students (postgraduate schools and PhD programmes);
  3. any language certificates proving the level achieved over the last three years (for the list of official certificates recognized by the university)
  4. any computer literacy certifications;
  5. any other titles which may be considered relevant for the traineeship you are applying for;
  6. up to three publications, if any.

For more detailed information on application requirements, procedures and deadlines, please refer to the Call for Applications and the list of available locations.