The University of Milan participates in 4EU+

Six universities for the European education of the future

The University of Milan is a partner of the 4EU+ Alliance together with the Sorbonne in Paris, the Charles University in Prague, and the Universities of CopenhagenHeidelberg and Warsaw, which signed a Memorandum of understanding and a common Declaration of intent in January 2019.

The 4EU+ Alliance brings together public realities of excellence, multidisciplinaryresearch-oriented universities, with a strong national and international reputation, across a vast geographical area spanning from the Mediterranean to the Baltic. Overall, their academic community includes 286,940 students and over 50,000 instructors, researchers, and technical and administrative staff.

Leveraging on its sound global vision and shared European values, in June 2019 the 4EU+ Alliance won the Erasmus+ pilot call "European Universities", launched by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture to promote European university networks and create a European Education Area by 2025. 

Thus began Project 4EU+, with a view to create an integrated university system, centred on quality and innovation in teaching. The project was supported by 4EU+ partners and other governmental and non-governmental institutions which share a strong focus on four key themes, the Flagships of the project:

  1. Health - health and demographic change in an urban environment
  2. Europe - Europe in a changing world: social, economic, cultural and language dynamics
  3. Information science - the development of computational and information sciences and the transformation of science and society 
  4. Sustainable development - biodiversity, sustainability and sustainable development.

Within the 4EU+ Alliance, the project engages instructors, students and technical and administrative staff in integrated training paths, through study and mobility programmes and innovative teaching methods that also include the promotion of a skill set and of soft skills with all potential stakeholders. The project aims to create joint educational paths and enhance mobility through exchanges involving the entire academic community.

The wide range of proposed educational paths – from seasonal schools, workshops, seminars, individual courses and modules, through to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes – make 4EU+ an extraordinary and ambitious project, which is widely represented in our Strategic Plan for 2020-2022.

Post-Graduate and International Relations Sector

Team 4EU+ 

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Call for proposals - Teaching activities

The proposals related to one of the four 4EU+ Flagships must be submitted, complete with a budget plan, by 15 June (Flagship 2) and by 1 July (Flagships 1, 3, 4).

Submit a draft and a narrated ppt for your Flagship 1 proposal by 3 June and attend the on-line workshop "Milano Meeting (via Heidelberg)", on 10 June, to share your idea and involve other universities of the Alliance.