Additional learning obligations (OFA) and bridging courses

Fulfilment of additional learning obligations (OFA)

Admission to bachelor’s and single cycle degree programmes is subject to assessment of a student's initial preparation (pursuant to Ministerial Decree 270/2004).

Students with identified learning gaps are assigned additional learning obligations (i.e. additional activities such as courses and seminars) to be fulfilled in accordance with the timing and methods defined by each degree programme in the call for applications or on the degree programme website.

Bridging courses

The University offers free intensive bridging courses - in Italian or English - on particularly complex subjects such as mathematics and microeconomics, with the aim of helping those enrolled on bachelor's or master's degree programmes start their studies better prepared and feeling more confident.

Although these activities are not obligatory, they are highly recommended, especially for those who identified knowledge deficits or gaps through the admission test.

Bridging courses last up to three weeks and are held directly by the teaching staff of the related degree programme.

Master's degree programmes

Browse the degree programme catalogue for information regarding OFA's in the calls for application or specific degree programme websites.