Internal transfers – Master’s programmes

Open admission master’s programmes

Applications to transfer to a different master’s programme may be submitted by enrolled master’s students who: 

  • have renewed their enrolment on their current master’s programme 
  • are on track with payment of the fees for previous years.
Transfer procedure

Students who are enrolled on an open admission master’s programme at the University of Milan and who wish to transfer to a different open admission degree programme must:

The application is needed in order to evaluate the student’s possession of the curricular requirements, and/or to sit the test which checks the adequacy of the student’s personal preparation.

The admission application must be submitted by accessing the online services, using the matriculation number obtained for the Bachelor’s or single cycle degree programme, broadly speaking between July and October. However, it is advisable to consult the calls for applications as different degree  programmes set different deadlines for submitting applications.

The dates of the tests to ascertain personal preparation or the dates of the interviews, where stipulated, are published in the individual programme schedules: students must attend the first available interview on the dates indicated. 

Five days after the test, successful candidates are permitted to submit their transfer application.

A fee of € 91 (which includes the 16 euro revenue stamp) is payable for the transfer application. 

The payment must be made through the payments service.

The application must be submitted through the online transfer procedure:

  1. Unimia
  2. Sifa services
  3. Administrative Services 
  4. Transfers
  5. Internal transfer application.

Handing in the Student Record Book 

This applies only to Humanities and Law students who enrolled prior to the 2012/2013 academic year. These students must put their student record book inside a closed envelope labelled “Internal transfer application”, indicating also their matriculation number, first name, surname and degree programme, and place it inside in the appropriate container located in the reception area of the Student Administration Office in Via Santa Sofia 9/1.

Degree programmes with limited enrolment
Transfer procedure

Students wishing to transfer onto a master’s programme with limited enrolment must pass the required admission exam prior to applying for a transfer.

Students enrolled on degree programmes at the University of Milan who wish to transfer internally onto a master’s programme with limited enrolment must first pass the required admission exam.

To register for the exam, follow the procedures and apply by the deadlines stated in the individual competition announcements.

The application must be done online:

  • Unimia
  • Sifa services
  • Administrative services 
  • Transfers
  • Internal transfer application.