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News about SLAM language courses and tests

Communication of April 1st, 6:00 p.m.

Online language courses will continue for students and for academic, technical and administrative staff.

Final exams will take place remotely, following the guidelines available in the homepage (‘Other options for written exams’ section) and the instructions sent via email prior to each exam.


Due to the Covid-19 health emergency, a large number of language assessment tests have been suspended by the University and by other institutions, both at the regional and national level.

For this reason, the SLAM Language Centre has decided to organize an extraordinary English test session on May 5th at 10:00 a.m. This exam is exclusively reserved to students that have been unable to sit an English  certification exam and that are set to graduate in either July or October, even if they haven’t previously taken the Placement Test or have retired from it.

To be admitted, students must meet the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled in a degree whose Academic Program corresponds to one of the academic years managed by the SLAM Language Centre
  • Be a graduating student (all exams must have been passed except for the English Language Test or the OFA + English exam)

Students interested in participating must additionally comply with the following requirements:

  • Have access to a computer and a smartphone
  • Have a working internet connection
  • Download the Zoom App on both the computer and the smartphone
  • Have a webcam and headphones
  • Register through the Infostudente Service (Category SLAM), attaching a single file containing proof of enrolment to an English Assessment Exam and a scanned/photo version of a valid identity document in color (passport, identity card or driving license). The subject line of the message must be: ‘Iscrizione sessione laureandi 5 maggio’.

All students will receive the Meeting ID required to access Zoom through the Infostudente service, in a reply to their message.

The code must be inserted in both the computer and the smartphone on the day of the exam. After being activated, the smartphone must be placed in a position that allows the SLAM operator to have a complete view of the student’s test environment.

The exam will be accessible and monitored directly in the computer, whereas the smartphone is to be used exclusively as a webcam.

For further information:, SLAM category.


Communication of March 8th, 6.30 pm

In compliance with the Decree of the Prime Minister adopted in the night, which contains new important restrictive measures to ensure the public health and safety, all test in person are cancelled until 3 April. They will be rescheduled remotely soon. Students will receive instructions on their institutional email address.

Italian tests will be taken remotely on 9 March.

The language courses for students, academic, technical and administrative staff will be delivered remotely as already set forth.

Final tests of Political, Economic and Social Sciences courses, scheduled for 26, 30, 31 March and 2 April, are cancelled and will be rescheduled after 3 April, when activities will resume.

For further information:, SLAM category.

Communication of March 6th, 8.00 pm

In accordance with the Notice issued by MIUR on 5 March and the provisions issued by the University, the language courses for students, academic, technical and administrative staff organised by the University Language Centre SLAM will be delivered remotely until 15 March, whereas language tests can be taken in person in the following ways, by scrupulously respecting the precautionary measures established by Decree of the Prime Minister on 5 March.

Class subjects will be made up remotely. Students will receive on their institutional email address ( instructions and activities to be carried out on the online learning platform. The activities are not bound to the scheduled timetable of classes.
FINAL TESTS: dates already scheduled for the final tests of Political, Economic and Social Sciences courses remains unchanged.

Test sessions of 10 and 12 March will be taken in person. Students will receive instructions on their institutional email address.
Mandatory precautionary measures will be guaranteed (availability of hand sanitizers, one meter of distance between one student and another, maximum use of rooms at 30%).
Students who live in a quarantined red zone and students in a vulnerable condition or with disabilities will be tested remotely, via Skype, on 16 and 20 March. Students will receive instructions on their institutional email address.

Courses of English for Specific Purposes will be delivered remotely, on scheduled date and time, via Skype or other video conferencing systems which will be later indicated. Participants will receive instructions on their institutional email address (
Individual courses will be delivered remotely via Skype, by direct agreement between the participant and the language trainer.
FINAL TESTS: final tests for General English courses will be rescheduled on dates to be determined.

The second part and the second edition of the Academic Teaching Excellence course will be rescheduled, by agreement with British Council, for the following weeks.
Individual courses of General English and feedback meetings for the Language Coaching course will be delivered remotely via Skype, by agreement between participant and language trainer.

Entry-level tests scheduled for 24 February, 2 and 10 March will be held remotely on 9 March. Courses will start on 16 March.

Test dates of 5 and 11 March will be re-scheduled in person for the following days. Courses will start on 6 April.

Cambridge exams scheduled for 13 and 14 March are cancelled as instructed by Cambridge Assessment English. Candidates will be assessed in the sessions of June.

For further information:, SLAM category.



The University of Milan Language Centre offers tests and language courses for both Italian and foreign students, in particular:


  • Placement tests and English courses for bachelor’s degree programmes
    Compulsory for those who do not have a language certificate at an equal or higher level than the language requirements of the chosen degree programme. 
  • Tests and courses in advanced French, Spanish, German and Anglo-American/English
    Compulsory for those who have to choose a second language in their study plan, such as areas of Political Economic and Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Test and courses in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German for students who apply for European and non-European mobility programmes.
  • Italian courses 
    Open to international students, Erasmus+ students, graduate students, PhD students and visiting professors.

The University of Milan is also an examination Centre for a variety of international language certificates involving other institutions.

For information and assistance 
Infostudente Service

Tests and courses for international and mobility students, postgraduates, visiting scholars and professors.