Funding a doctorate

The funding for scholarships to attend doctoral programmes can come from a range of companies and organisations, under agreements stipulated with the University of Milan.

Specific research projects can be funded with scholarships provided by a company or organisation, under a commitment to provide three years of finance to cover:

  • the amount of the scholarship, established year on year by the Board of Directors of the University 
  • the INPS contribution (separate pension and welfare scheme for the self-employed), as envisaged under Art. 2 of Ministerial Decree of 11 September 1998, in line with the current percentage figure
  • the cost of running the doctoral programme, determined each year by the University Board of Directors
  • the additional sum - amounting to no less than 10% of the amount of the scholarship itself - starting from the second year, for research activity in Italy and abroad, suited to the type of doctoral programme
  • the sum - amounting to no less than 50% of the scholarship itself - required for any periods of study abroad to be undertaken by the PhD student
  • the amounts required for any higher costs resulting from the implementation of legislative and regulatory provisions (increase in the scholarship amount and the INPS contribution).

Contact the Doctoral Programmes Office to:

  • draw up agreements
  • issue funding
  • provide the necessary financial guarantees for the funding of doctoral programmes
  • request the acceptance of specific regulations and the adoption of particular administrative procedures.