Carta La Statale - Badge

What is the badge?

"Carta La Statale" is the University personal badge for access to University services that, if desired, can also become a prepaid card if activated as La Statale Flash Up Studio Card.

The new badge is valid for 7 years, and you can use it: 

  • to be recognised at exams without having to exhibit an identify document
  • as one of the Intesa Sanpaolo prepaid bank card, when activated   
  • for the accreditement of scholarships. It is in fact the only payment tool for scholarships and, in this case, it must necessarily be activated as a prepaid Card Flash Up Studio La Statale
  • to access libraries and library services (for loans, photocopies, etc.)
  • to access university refectory and other eathing places at moderate price 
  • to use the "Water kiosk" at the campus, where you can withdraw two litres of water a day
  • to take advantage of discounts and services intended for students.

Privacy policy

Consult the personal data processing policy for the "Carta La Statale" badge and the "Intesa Sanpaolo prepaid Cards".

How can I receive it? Who receives it?

"Carta La Statale" badge is sent to the address indicated by the student as contact address – that is present in the Unimia personal page.

Only those who have provided an address abroad will receive an email from the Registrar with instructions on method of delivery.

The badge is issued and sent only after verifying the data, documents and photograph provided by the students.

When do we receive it?

The badge is produced and sent only after the individual control of the following data uploaded by the student:

  • identity document
  • photo ID
  • address

The control activity requires a few weeks.

From the “Carta La Statale” section of the Unimia personal page you can also:

  • activate the university badge
  • block the badge in the case of theft and/or loss
  • activate and update your personal data

For details and assistance in case of problems (also in case of demagnetization, or when it is blocked by the bank), please login to Infostudenti Service then send a message by selecting "University Badge."

What do I do when I receive it?

Once you receive the badge you must activate it as soon as possible from the Unimia personal page, by accessing "Carta La Statale" section and selecting "Activate it."

Activation of the badge is compulsory for reasons of security:

  • it guarantees that the student had actually received it 
  • it avoid blocking.
How it looks like?

On the card's front shows bank data, who will be operating only when the badge is activated as La Statale Flash Up Studio card.

The card's back shows instead:

  • name and surname
  • photograph
  • tax code
  • user code (to be used only for badge activation and not to be confused with matriculation number). 
What to do in case of...

The "Carta La Statale" must be returned only in the case of discontinuation of studies or transfer to other University and only if it has not been activated as La Statale Flash Up Studio Card or La Statale Flash Card.

The badge remains valid only for continuation of studies and in the case of transfer to other degree courses of the University.

In both cases, it must not be returned if it has been activated also as prepaid "La Statale Flash Card" or as "La Statale Flash Up Studio Card" it should not be returned and you will be contacted directly by the bank.

In the case of theft or loss, you must first of all block the "Carta La Statale" badge from the Unimia personal page, following the instructions.

To request a new badge, send a message to the Infostudenti Service (select the "University Badge" item) and attach the payment receipt of the 10 euro requested, and a scanned copy of the notification of loss or theft to the Police.

If the badge has been activated also as prepaid "La Statale Flash Card"or as "La Statale Flash Up Studio Card", it must be blocked also at the Bank, phoning the toll-free number 800.303.303 (from mobile or house phone) or +39 011 8019200 from abroad (the charge depends on the provider) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To transfer any funds on the prepaid "La Statale Flash Card" or on the "La Statale Flash Up Studio Card", you must go – with the new card and a copy of the notification of loss or theft – to one of the Intesa Sanpaolo branch.