Diploma supplement

What is the Diploma Supplement and what it is used for

The Diploma Supplement is an additional document of the degree, which describes the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies carried out by the student.

This allows those who have to evaluate the degree, in Italy or abroad, to know further details of the path followed by the student. The Diploma Supplement contains only official data: discretionary assessments, equivalence statements or suggestions regarding recognition are excluded.

It is drawn up according to a European model and released free of charge, on request, both in Italian and in English.

Who can request the Diploma Supplement and how

All graduates who have attained their degree according to the regulations established by Italian ministerial decrees 509/99 and 270/04 can apply for it. Otherwise, it cannot be issued to graduates of the previous regulation systems (four-year and five-year cycles), for which certificates are required.

To request the Diploma Supplement you need to:

  • fill out the request form and scan it
  • scan an ID document (front and back view)
  • send your request through the InformaStudenti Service by attaching the module and document scans.

The Diploma Supplement is normally issued within seven days of the request.

It can be released in two different formats:

  1. PDF format: it is sent as an attachment, with replaced signature according to the regulations established by Italian Legislative Decree No. 39/93, through the InformaStudenti Service
  2. paper format, with stamp and original signature: it is delivered at the front office or sent to the address indicated by the applicant. To obtain the Diploma Supplement shipment, it is necessary to pay a shipping fee of 10 euros for Italy and 15 euros for other Countries, by accessing Payment management - Contributions for office services.

In this case, the University declines all responsibility for any failure to deliver the documents.