Humanities Internships


An internship can award a number of CFU credits, as specified by the teacher in the learning agreement (a three-month internship usually awards three CFUs).

For CFU credits to be awarded, you shall:

  • complete the internship in compliance with the agreed duration
  • submit the CFU recognition form to the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP), personally or by email to

The internship must be authorized by a Tutoring Teacher, by approving the learning agreement online.

We have identified a teacher in charge of internship activities for each degree programme.

Alternative activities

You can apply for CFU recognition for other activities (paid or voluntary work, training) that are consistent with your study plan.

For recognition of alternative activities, please fill in the relevant form and submit it through the Informastudenti service or deliver it personally to the Course Administration, by appointment. The Course Administration will forward it to the relevant teachers for assessment. You will receive a reply on your University email within 2 months. You shall also attach a certificate issued by the institution where the activity was carried out, stating your tasks and the number of hours worked.