University botanical gardens

The University of Milan has created a museum system that includes three botanical gardens with different histories and traditions in Brera, Città Studi and Toscolano Maderno (BS).

Research and educational centres, the gardens have become green oases and key areas for the local community by offering social, cultural, and scientific-dissemination activities throughout the year.

The gardens of the University of Milan are among those that gave rise to the Network of Botanical Gardens in Lombardy, an association whose purpose is to design and develop cultural initiatives, raise awareness, and promote the enhancement of vegetable heritage, nature and the environment, with a focus on the conservation of plants, which feature among the cultural assets that need to be protected from threats.

The botanical gardens of the University are like open-air living museums, which can thrill and surprise visitors in every season.

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Delegate for the conservation and enhancement of botanical gardens.

Spreading over 25 thousand square metres, the garden is committed to innovation, conservation and enhancement of the plant world.