The patents of the University of Milan

Patent portfolio

Some of the patents filed by the University of Milan are available for temporary licence or assignment.

The Intellectual Property Office deals with patent agreements and negotiations on behalf of the University.

  1. Gluten-free bakery production process (No. 175)
  2. Method for detecting lung cancer as early as the asymptomatic phase in subjects at risk (No. 171 - No. 222)
  3. GPR17 receptor modulators (No. 186)
  4. Remuage apparatus and method (No. 220)
  5. New aza-tanshinone derivatives, their preparation process and use in therapy (No. 228)
  6. Arunduno: new variety of Arundo (No. 229)
  7. Test bench assembly for simulating cardiac surgery and / or interventional cardiology procedures (No. 233)
  8. Reduno: new corn variety (No. 154)
  9. Reprogramming-based models of neurodevelopmental disorders and uses thereof (No. 223)
  10. Follicular system for oocyte in-vitro maturation (No. 225)
  11. Solar-driven catalytic reactor (No. 238)
  12. Electric-field vector measurement method and equipment (No. 241)
  13. Therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to diseases of DNA repair (No. 243)
  14. Method for the isolation of subpopulations of cardiac cell progenitors and uses thereof in the medical field (No. 244)
  15. Modulators of the endocannabinoid system and uses thereof in induced pluripotent stem cell-based applications and in the treatment of non-ischemic cardiomyopathies (No. 245)
  16. Preservative, antimicrobial and antiseptic compounds (No. 246)
  17. Biomass- and biogenic-based microbial electrochemical systems (No. 248)
  18. Antibodies and uses thereof (No. 247)


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