Justice and Law & Order

The University for Legality 2020
November 18-19

On 18 and 19 November, the University of Milan will host on the TEAMS platform, and on streaming on the Facebook page @LaStatale, The University for Legality 2020, an initiative promoted byFondazione Falcone, theMinistry of University and Research, the National Council of University Students (CNSU) and the Conference of Italian Rectors (CRUI).

Bolstered by its long-standing focus on issues of law and order, the University of Milan each year (in March) offers a series of seminars in which instructors, experts, and scholars debate some of the most controversial political and social issues: Mafia and anti-Mafia, fighting corruption, gender equality, migrant rights.

The programme leads up to the Day of Justice instituted by the University in 2014, and dedicated to the memory of the Honourable Guido Galli, a judge and criminology professor at La Statale, assassinated by the Prima Linea organisation on 19 March 1980 in Classroom 309 at Via Festa del Perdono.

A highly anticipated and well-attended event, the Day of Justice brought together the viewpoints of jurists, judges, and attorneys fielding topics ranging from the death penalty to defending civil rights, from anti-Mafia to forensic medicine, with an international viewpoint and a guiding theme of the issue of law-abidance, and the institutional pledge to build a culture of law and respect.

2019 Justice Week

Amongst the guests of the most recent edition of the week dedicated to justice: Marta Cartabia, Presiding Justice of the Constitutional Court, Giuseppe Prestipino, public prosecutor of the Republic at the Court of Rome, and Michele Pignatone, co-prosecutor for the Anti-Mafia District Office in Rome.

Inaugurated at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, the Day of Justice has always involved the Galli family.

Over the years, a series of others have joined them, bringing their perspectives from the stage at the Piccolo Teatro, to the Aula Magna at La Statale, all the way to Classroom 309 of Via Festa del Perdono: Gian Carlo Caselli, Maurizio Romanelli, Bianca Berizzi, Alessandra and Giuseppe Galli, Armando Spataro, Sandra Babcock and Joseph Margulies, Raffaele Cantone, Edmondo Bruti Liberati, Giulia Cucciniello, Monica Gambirasio, Corrado Stajano, Stefano Caselli, Ciro Cascone, Yasmine Ergas, Francesca Paltenghi, Serena Uccello, Raffaella Calandra and Luigi Ferrarella.

Observatory on criminality; the itinerant University

With a view towards spreading increasing awareness of the importance of a culture of lawfulness at the University of Milan, the contributions and work of CROSS – the Observatory on Organised Crime – are likewise important. This interdepartmental centre, founded by the University in 2013, produces a series of programmes including the itinerant University, a project coordinated by Nando della Chiesa, investigating contemporary phenomena of subversive illegality directly on the field of action.

Intended for students, graduates, and young researchers, the travelling meetings and seminars were held in locations synonymous with the Mafia: the Island of Asinara, Casal di Principe, the Island of Capo Rizzuto, Ostia, Palermo and Corleone.


The Observatory on Organised Crime is a crossroads between research activities, teaching, and cultural promotion, and has been underway for a number of years through the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences, enquiring into law-related issues.