University of Milan - The Drive for Sustainability

There are two “Water Refill Stations”: the first, inaugurated in 2014, is located at Via Golgi 19, in Città Studi, and is only accessible to those with a university ID (students and staff). The other, which opened in October 2018, is located at Via S. Sofia 9/1, near the Students Office, and COSP (University Study and Career Guidance Service), and is accessible to anyone with a national health-service card.

The refill stations dispense clean, safe, cold wateryour choice of sparkling or still – which has been tested for purity (microbiological and chemical). Testing for the Via Golgi station is done by the university, whilst water purity at Via S.Sofia is checked by MM S.p.A, a private company.


Manuela Gilberti

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