Volunteer and social projects

The University of Milan supports volunteering in its many forms – aid activities, commitment to a cause, social cohesion projects, environment protection and development – with a shared goal: promoting social solidarity and cultural growth.

Our entire academic community is encouraged to proactively promote and support voluntary activities addressing social, cultural and environmental issues.

In addition to current projects, ranging from student tutoring in prison to orientation to volunteering and the Universal Civil Service, the University of Milan is studying short and medium-term programmes covering:

  • specific training courses, also in cooperation with non-profit organisations, to promote solidarity and engagement for the community and the common good
  • regulations and records of people and skills, to support voluntary activities involving technical, administrative and library staff 
  • memoranda of understanding with public, private and non-profit organisations in the local area, and volunteer programmes under welfare regulations and policies.
Volunteer and social projects

The University promotes and enhances well-being and health-protection activities with a view to inclusion, and a focus on social trends such as aging population.

Through the offices of the Innovation Division, particularly the Social and Volunteer Projects Office, and in collaboration with the Safety, Sustainability and Environment Division, the University supports professors and researchers in planning and managing social activities and public-health-protection initiatives. It fosters relationships with non-profit organisations, including through specific agreements or projects.

Current projects
Automated Covid Testing

Project Pilot project agreement with ASST Bergamo Est to increase the number of Covid-19 tests from 100/day to 1600-2400/day in the "Bolognini" Hospital laboratory using OpenTrons high-technology equipment.

VolunteersTechnicians, students, upcoming graduates, PhD students and researchers from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.