Costanzo Alessandra

Adjunct Professor



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo C
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Extra food provisioning reduces extra‐pair paternity in the lesser kestrel Falco naumanni / A. Costanzo, N. Tommasi, A. Galimberti, G.C. Scesa, R. Ambrosini, M. Griggio, J.G. Cecere, D. Rubolini. - In: JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0908-8857. - 51:9(2020 Sep).
  • Inter-generational resemblance of methylation levels at circadian genes and associations with phenology in the barn swallow / N. Saino, B. Albetti, R. Ambrosini, M. Caprioli, A. Costanzo, J. Mariani, M. Parolini, A. Romano, D. Rubolini, G. Formenti, L. Gianfranceschi, V. Bollati. - In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. - ISSN 2045-2322. - 9:1(2019 Dec).
  • Cloacal microbiomes and ecology of individual barn swallows / R. Ambrosini, M. Corti, A. Franzetti, M. Caprioli, D. Rubolini, V.M. Motta, A. Costanzo, N. Saino, I. Gandolfi. - In: FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY. - ISSN 1574-6941. - 95:6(2019 Jun).
  • Haemosporidian parasites depress breeding success and plumage coloration in female barn swallows Hirundo rustica / A. Romano, R. Nodari, C. Bandi, M. Caprioli, A. Costanzo, R. Ambrosini, D. Rubolini, M. Parolini, S. Epis, N. Saino. - In: JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0908-8857. - 50:2(2019 Feb), pp. e01889.1-e01889.14.
  • Protoporphyrin-based eggshell pigmentation predicts hatching success and offspring sex ratio in the barn swallow / M. Corti, A. Romano, A. Costanzo, A.B. Bentz, K.J. Navara, M. Parolini, N. Saino, D. Rubolini. - In: JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0908-8857. - 49:6(2018 Jun), pp. e012405.1-e012405.17.