D'Amato Alfonsina

Associate Professor
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Via Mangiagalli, 25
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 19312
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02 50319312
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  • Advanced quantitative proteomics to evaluate molecular effects of low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid in human dermal fibroblasts / S. Radrezza, G. Baron, S.B. Nukala, G. Depta, G. Aldini, M. Carini, A. D'Amato. - In: JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS. - ISSN 0731-7085. - 185(2020 Jun 05), pp. 113199.1-113199.8.
  • Identification of Genes Required for Glucan Exopolysaccharide Production in Lactobacillus johnsonii Suggests a Novel Biosynthesis Mechanism / M.J. Mayer, A. D'Amato, I.J. Colquhoun, G. Le Gall, A. Narbad. - In: APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0099-2240. - 86:8(2020 Apr 01), pp. e02808.1-e02808.15.
  • Silkworm pupae as source of high-value edible proteins and of bioactive peptides / A.A. Altomare, G. Baron, G. Aldini, M. Carini, A. D'Amato. - In: FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION. - ISSN 2048-7177. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Faecal microbiota transplant from aged donor mice affects spatial learning and memory via modulating hippocampal synaptic plasticity- and neurotransmission-related proteins in young recipients / A. D’Amato, L. Di Cesare Mannelli, E. Lucarini, A.L. Man, G. Le Gall, J.J.V. Branca, C. Ghelardini, A. Amedei, E. Bertelli, M. Regoli, A. Pacini, G. Luciani, P. Gallina, A. Altera, A. Narbad, M. Gulisano, L. Hoyles, D. Vauzour, C. Nicoletti. - In: MICROBIOME. - ISSN 2049-2618. - 8:1(2020), pp. 140.1-140.19.
  • “1984”: What Orwell could not predict : Proteomic analysis of his scripts / Y. Saravayskaya, G. Zilberstein, R. Zilberstein, S. Zilberstein, U. Maor, A. D'Amato, P.G. Righetti. - In: ELECTROPHORESIS. - ISSN 0173-0835. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]