Caretti Anna

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Via di Rudinì, 8 - ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo - Corpo C
20142 MILANO (MI)

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02 50323264
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  • The Efficacy of a New lubricating Eyedrop in a Lipid Vehicle for the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease / C. Quisisana, L.M. Rossetti, A. Caretti, M.V. Dei Cas, P. Fogagnolo. - 11:6(2020 Oct 23).
  • Simple and Complex Sugars in Parkinson’s Disease : a Bittersweet Taste / A. Zulueta, A. Mingione, P. Signorelli, A. Caretti, R. Ghidoni, M. Trinchera. - In: MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0893-7648. - 57:7(2020 Jul), pp. 2934-2943.
  • Complementary use of carbohydrate antigens lewis a, lewis b, and sialyl-lewis a (Ca19.9 epitope) in gastrointestinal cancers : biological rationale towards a personalized clinical application / R. Indellicato, A. Zulueta, A. Caretti, M. Trinchera. - In: CANCERS. - ISSN 2072-6694. - 12:6(2020 Jun 09), pp. 1509.1-1509.15.
  • An Innovative Lipidomic Workflow to Investigate the Lipid Profile in a Cystic Fibrosis Cell Line / M. Dei Cas, A. Zulueta, A. Mingione, A. Caretti, R. Ghidoni, P. Signorelli, R. Paroni. - In: CELLS. - ISSN 2073-4409. - 9:5(2020 May 12).
  • CD10 and CD34 as markers in vascular malformations with PIK3CA and TEK mutations / L. Moneghini, D. Tosi, D. Graziani, A. Caretti, G. Colletti, V. Baraldini, E. Cattaneo, L. Spaccini, A. Zocca, G.P. Bulfamante. - In: HUMAN PATHOLOGY. - ISSN 0046-8177. - 99(2020 May), pp. 98-106.