Demartini Benedetta

Fixed-term Research Fellow A
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Via di Rudinì, 8 - ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo - Corpo A
20142 MILANO (MI)

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  • Cerebrospinal fluid glutamate changes in functional movement disorders / B. Demartini, R.W. Invernizzi, L. Campiglio, T. Bocci, A. D'Arrigo, A. Arighi, F. Sciacca, D. Galimberti, E. Scarpini, O. Gambini, A. Priori. - In: NPJ PARKINSON'S DISEASE. - ISSN 2373-8057. - 6:1(2020 Dec 04).
  • Dissociation during Mirror Gazing Test in psychogenic nonepileptic seizures and functional movement disorders / V. Nistico, G. Caputo, R. Tedesco, A. Marzorati, R. Ferrucci, A. Priori, O. Gambini, B. Demartini. - In: EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR. - ISSN 1525-5050. - 112(2020 Nov).
  • Hedonicity in functional motor disorders: a chemosensory study assessing taste / M.P. Cecchini, S. Tamburin, A. Zanini, F. Boschi, B. Demartini, D. Goeta, C. Dallocchio, A. Marotta, M. Fiorio, M. Tinazzi. - In: JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION. - ISSN 0300-9564. - 127:10(2020 Oct 01), pp. 1399-1407.
  • The psychological impact of COVID-19 among a sample of Italian patients with functional neurological disorders: A preliminary study / V. Nistico, D. Goeta, O. Gambini, B. Demartini. - In: PARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS. - ISSN 1353-8020. - 78(2020 Sep 28), pp. 79-81.
  • Visual perception and dissociation during Mirror Gazing Test in patients with anorexia nervosa : a preliminary study / B. Demartini, V. Nistico, R. Tedesco, A. Marzorati, R. Ferrucci, A. Priori, O. Gambini, G.B. Caputo. - In: EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS. - ISSN 1124-4909. - (2020 Aug 05). [Epub ahead of print]