Bollati Carlotta

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Mangiagalli, 25
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Virgin Olive Oil Extracts Reduce Oxidative Stress and Modulate Cholesterol Metabolism: Comparison between Oils Obtained with Traditional and Innovative Processes / C. Lammi, N. Mulinacci, L. Cecchi, M. Bellumori, C. Bollati, M. Bartolomei, C. Franchini, M. Lisa Clodoveo, F. Corbo, A. Arnoldi. - In: ANTIOXIDANTS. - ISSN 2076-3921. - 9:9(2020 Aug 27), pp. 798.1-798.17.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Phenol Extracts Exert Hypocholesterolemic Effects through the Modulation of the LDLR Pathway: In Vitro and Cellular Mechanism of Action Elucidation / C. Lammi, M. Bellumori, L. Cecchi, M. Bartolomei, C. Bollati, M.L. Clodoveo, F. Corbo, A. Arnoldi, N. Mulinacci. - In: NUTRIENTS. - ISSN 2072-6643. - 12:6(2020 Jun 09).
  • Phycobiliproteins from Arthrospira Platensis (Spirulina): A New Source of Peptides with Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Inhibitory Activity / Y. Li, G. Aiello, C. Bollati, M. Bartolomei, A. Arnoldi, C. Lammi. - In: NUTRIENTS. - ISSN 2072-6643. - 12:3(2020 Mar).
  • "Bottom-Up" Strategy for the Identification of Novel Soybean Peptides with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity / L. Dellafiora, R. Pugliese, C. Bollati, F. Gelain, G. Galaverna, A. Arnoldi, C. Lammi. - In: JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0021-8561. - 68:7(2020), pp. 2082-2090.
  • Assessment of multifunctional behavior of lupin P7 and its metabolite using an integrate strategy / C. Lammi, G. Aiello, L. Dellafiora, C. Bollati, G. Boschin, G. Ranaldi, S. Ferruzza, Y. Sambuy, G. Galaverna, A. Arnoldi. - In: JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0021-8561. - 68:46(2020), pp. 13179-13188.