Fugazza Davide

Adjunct Professor



Via Mangiagalli, 34
20133 MILANO (MI)

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Teaching - Programme courses


  • Comparison of surface solar irradiance from ground observations and satellite data (1990–2016) over a complex orography region (Piedmont—Northwest Italy) / V. Manara, E. Stocco, M. Brunetti, G.A. Diolaiuti, D. Fugazza, U. Pfeifroth, A. Senese, J. Trentmann, M. Maugeri. - In: REMOTE SENSING. - ISSN 2072-4292. - 12:23(2020 Nov 26), pp. 3882.1-3882.26.
  • The non-woven geotextiles as strategies for mitigating the impacts of climate change on glaciers / A. Senese, R.S. Azzoni, D. Maragno, C. D'Agata, D. Fugazza, B. Mosconi, A. Trenti, E. Meraldi, C. Smiraglia, G. Diolaiuti. - In: COLD REGIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. - ISSN 0165-232X. - 173(2020 May), pp. 103007.1-103007.12.
  • Turkish glacier inventory and classification from high-resolution satellite data / R.S. Azzoni, M.A. Sarikaya, D. Fugazza. - In: MEDITERRANEAN GEOSCIENCE REVIEWS. - ISSN 2661-863X. - 2:1(2020 Apr), pp. 153-162.
  • Variations of Lys Glacier (Monte Rosa Massif, Italy) from the Little Ice Age to the Present from Historical and Remote Sensing Datasets / D. Fugazza, A. Senese, R.S. Azzoni, C. D'Agata, D. Cat-Berro, L. Mercalli, F. Ventura, C. Smiraglia, G.A. Diolaiuti - In: Glaciers / [a cura di] D. Godone. - [s.l] : Intech Open, 2020. - pp. 1-22
  • Glacier shrinking continues unabated as revealed by a new glacier inventory from Sentinel-2 / F. Paul, P. Rastner, R.S. Azzoni, G. Diolaiuti, D. Fugazza, R. Le Bris, J. Nemec, A. Rabatel, M. Ramusovic, G. Schwaizer, C. Smiraglia. - In: EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE DATA. - ISSN 1866-3508. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]