Marangon Davide

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Balzaretti, 9/11/13
20133 MILANO (MI)

University email address


  • In vivo silencing of miR-125a-3p promotes myelin repair in models of white matter demyelination / D. Marangon, E. Boda, R. Parolisi, C. Negri, C. Giorgi, F. Montarolo, S. Perga, A. Bertolotto, A. Buffo, M.P. Abbracchio, D. Lecca. - In: GLIA. - ISSN 0894-1491. - 68:10(2020 Oct), pp. 2001-2014.
  • Development of the first in vivo GPR17 ligand through an iterative drug discovery pipeline: A novel disease-modifying strategy for multiple sclerosis / C. Parravicini, D. Lecca, D. Marangon, G.T. Coppolino, S. Daniele, E. Bonfanti, M. Fumagalli, L. Raveglia, C. Martini, E. Gianazza, M.L. Trincavelli, M.P. Abbracchio, I. Eberini. - In: PLOS ONE. - ISSN 1932-6203. - 15:4(2020 Apr 22).
  • Regulation of oligodendrocyte functions : targeting lipid metabolism and extracellular matrix for myelin repair / D. Marangon, M. Boccazzi, D. Lecca, M. Fumagalli. - In: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE. - ISSN 2077-0383. - 9:2(2020 Feb 08), pp. 470.1-470.22.
  • Prenatal Stress Impairs Spinal Cord Oligodendrocyte Maturation via BDNF Signaling in the Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Model of Multiple Sclerosis / M.S. Paladini, D. Marangon, A.C. Rossetti, A. Guidi, G.T. Coppolino, C. Negri, V. Spero, M.P. Abbracchio, D. Lecca, R. Molteni. - In: CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0272-4340. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Pathway-Focused Profiling of Oligodendrocytes Over-Expressing miR-125a-3p Reveals Alteration of Wnt and Cell-to-Cell Signaling / D. Marangon, M.P. Abbracchio, D. Lecca. - In: CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 0272-4340. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]