Rubolini Diego

Associate Professor
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Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo C
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 14718
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  • The good, the bad and the ugly of COVID-19 lockdown effects on wildlife conservation: Insights from the first European locked down country / R. Manenti, E. Mori, V. Di Canio, S. Mercurio, M. Picone, M. Caffi, M. Brambilla, G.F. Ficetola, D. Rubolini. - In: BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION. - ISSN 0006-3207. - 249(2020 Sep).
  • Extra food provisioning reduces extra‐pair paternity in the lesser kestrel Falco naumanni / A. Costanzo, N. Tommasi, A. Galimberti, G.C. Scesa, R. Ambrosini, M. Griggio, J.G. Cecere, D. Rubolini. - In: JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0908-8857. - 51:9(2020 Sep).
  • Analysis of movement recursions to detect reproductive events and estimate their fate in central place foragers / S. Picardi, B.J. Smith, M.E. Boone, P.C. Frederick, J.G. Cecere, D. Rubolini, L. Serra, S. Pirrello, R.R. Borkhataria, M. Basille. - In: MOVEMENT ECOLOGY. - ISSN 2051-3933. - 8:1(2020 Jun 03).
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  • Interindividual variation and consistency of migratory behavior in the Eurasian woodcock / A. Tedeschi, M. Sorrenti, M. Bottazzo, M. Spagnesi, I. Telletxea, R. Ibàñez, N. Tormen, F. De Pascalis, L. Guidolin, D. Rubolini. - In: CURRENT ZOOLOGY. - ISSN 1674-5507. - 66:2(2020 Apr), pp. 155-163.