Ahmetovic Dragan

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  • Virtual Navigation for Blind People: Transferring Route Knowledge to the Real-World / J. Guerreiro, D. Sato, D. Ahmetovic, E. Ohn-Bar, K. Kitani, C. Asakawa. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES. - ISSN 1071-5819. - 135(2020 Mar).
  • ReCog: Supporting Blind People in Recognizing Personal Objects / D. Ahmetovic, D. Sato, U. Oh, T. Ishihara, K. Kitani, C. Asakawa - In: CHI '20: Proceedings[s.l] : ACM, 2020. - ISBN 9781450367080. - pp. 1-12 (( convegno Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems tenutosi a Honolulu nel 2020.
  • Deep Learning Compensation of Rotation Errors during Navigation Assistance for People with Visual Impairments or Blindness / D. Ahmetovic, S. Mascetti, C. Bernareggi, J. Guerreiro, U. Oh, C. Asakawa. - In: ACM TRANSACTIONS ON ACCESSIBLE COMPUTING. - ISSN 1936-7228. - 12:4(2019 Dec), pp. 19.1-19.19.
  • NavCog3 in the Wild : Large-Scale Blind Indoor Navigation Assistant with Semantic Features / D. Sato, U. Oh, J. Guerreiro, D. Ahmetovic, K. Naito, H. Takagi, K.M. Kitani, C. Asakawa. - In: ACM TRANSACTIONS ON ACCESSIBLE COMPUTING. - ISSN 1936-7228. - 12:3(2019 Aug), pp. 14.1-14.30.
  • Smartphone-based localization for blind navigation in building-scale indoor environments / M. Murata, D. Ahmetovic, D. Sato, H. Takagi, K. M Kitani, C. Asakawa. - In: PERVASIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTING. - ISSN 1574-1192. - 57(2019 Jul), pp. 14-32.