Galati Elena

Category D - Technical, data processing and scientific-technical Area



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02/503 15022
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  • Haspin regulates Ras localization to promote Cdc24-driven mitotic depolarization / R. Quadri, M. Galli, E. Galati, G. Rotondo, G.R. Gallo, D. Panigada, P. Plevani, M. Muzi-Falconi. - In: CELL DISCOVERY. - ISSN 2056-5968. - 6:1(2020 Dec 01).
  • Senataxin Ortholog Sen1 Limits DNA:RNA Hybrid Accumulation at DNA Double-Strand Breaks to Control End Resection and Repair Fidelity / C.C. Rawal, L. Zardoni, M. Di Terlizzi, E. Galati, A. Brambati, F. Lazzaro, G. Liberi, A. Pellicioli. - In: CELL REPORTS. - ISSN 2211-1247. - 31:5(2020 May), pp. 107603.1-107603.8.
  • RNase H activities counteract a toxic effect of Polymerase in cells replicating with depleted dNTP pools / A. Meroni, G.M. Nava, E. Bianco, L. Grasso, E. Galati, M.C. Bosio, D. Dalmastro, M. Muzi Falconi, F. Lazzaro. - In: NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH. - ISSN 1362-4962. - 7:9(2019 May 21), pp. 4612-4623.
  • To trim or not to trim: progression and control of DSB end resection / M. Granata, D. Panigada, E. Galati, F. Lazzaro, A. Pellicioli, P. Plevani, M. Muzi-Falconi. - In: CELL CYCLE. - ISSN 1538-4101. - 12:12(2013), pp. 1848-1860.
  • The RSC chromatin-remodeling complex influences mitotic exit and adaptation to the spindle assembly checkpoint by controlling the Cdc14 phosphatase / V. Rossio, E. Galati, M. Ferrari, A. Pellicioli, T. Sutani, K. Shirahige, G. Lucchini, S. Piatti. - In: THE JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY. - ISSN 0021-9525. - 191:5(2010), pp. 981-997.