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20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Root bacterial endophytes confer drought resistance and enhance expression and activity of a vacuolar H+-pumping pyrophosphatase in pepper plants / G. Vigani, E. Rolli, R. Marasco, M. Dell'Orto, G. Michoud, A. Soussi, N. Raddadi, S. Borin, C. Sorlini, G. Zocchi, D. Daffonchio. - In: ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY. - ISSN 1462-2912. - (2018 May 22). [Epub ahead of print]
  • The stage of soil development modulates rhizosphere effect along a High Arctic desert chronosequence / F. Mapelli, R. Marasco, M. Fusi, B. Scaglia, G. Tsiamis, E. Rolli, S. Fodelianakis, K. Bourtzis, S. Ventura, F. Tambone, F. Adani, S. Borin, D. Daffonchio. - In: THE ISME JOURNAL. - ISSN 1751-7362. - (2018 Jan 15). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Root-associated bacteria promote grapevine growth: from the laboratory to the field / E. Rolli, R. Marasco, S. Saderi, E. Corretto, F. Mapelli, A. Cherif, S. Borin, L. Valenti, C. Sorlini, D. Daffonchio. - In: PLANT AND SOIL. - ISSN 0032-079X. - 410:1-2(2017 Jan), pp. 369-382.
  • Plant-associated microbiomes in arid lands : diversity, ecology and biotechnological potential / A. Soussi, R. Ferjani, R. Marasco, A. Guesmi, H. Cherif, E. Rolli, F. Mapelli, H.I. Ouzari, D. Daffonchio, A. Cherif. - In: PLANT AND SOIL. - ISSN 0032-079X. - 405:12(2016 Aug), pp. 357-370.
  • Oasis desert farming selects environment-specific date palm root endophytic communities and cultivable bacteria that promote resistance to drought / H. Cherif, R. Marasco, E. Rolli, R. Ferjani, M. Fusi, A. Soussi, F. Mapelli, I. Blilou, S. Borin, A. Boudabous, A. Cherif, D. Daffonchio, H. Ouzari. - In: ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY REPORTS. - ISSN 1758-2229. - 7:4(2015 Aug), pp. 668-678.