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  • Determination of antibiotic residues in honey in relation to different potential sources and relevance for food inspection / E. Bonerba, S. Panseri, F. Arioli, M. Nobile, V. Terio, F. Di Cesare, G. Tantillo, L. Maria Chiesa. - In: FOOD CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0308-8146. - 334(2021 Jan 01).
  • Pesticides and environmental contaminants in organic honeys according to their different productive areas toward food safety protection / S. Panseri, E. Bonerba, M. Nobile, F. Di Cesare, G. Mosconi, F. Cecati, F. Arioli, G. Tantillo, L. Chiesa. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 9:12(2020 Dec 14), pp. 1863.1-1863.15.
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  • Dexmedetomidine and ketamine simultaneous administration in tigers (Panthera tigris) : pharmacokinetics and clinical effects / F. Di Cesare, P. Cagnardi, R. Villa, V. Rabbogliatti, L. Lucatello, F. Capolongo, D. Gioeni, M. Capasso, W. Magnone, G. Ravasio. - In: VETERINARY RECORD OPEN. - ISSN 2052-6113. - 7:1(2020 Nov), pp. e000412.1-e000412.11.
  • Haematological, serum biochemical and electrophoretic data on healthy captive Egyptian fruit bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus) / P. Moretti, G. Ravasio, W. Magnone, F. Di Cesare, S. Paltrinieri, A. Pecile, A. Giordano. - In: LABORATORY ANIMALS. - ISSN 0023-6772. - (2020 Aug 24). [Epub ahead of print]