Bastianello Giulia

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow


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  • ATR is essential for preservation of cell mechanics and nuclear integrity during interstitial migration / G.R. Kidiyoor, Q. Li, G. Bastianello, C. Bruhn, I. Giovannetti, A. Mohamood, G.V. Beznoussenko, A. Mironov, M. Raab, M. Piel, U. Restuccia, V. Matafora, A. Bachi, S. Barozzi, D. Parazzoli, E. Frittoli, A. Palamidessi, T. Panciera, S. Piccolo, G. Scita, P. Maiuri, K.M. Havas, Z.-. Zhou, A. Kumar, J. Bartek, Z.-. Wang, M. Foiani. - In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. - ISSN 2041-1723. - 11:1(2020), pp. 4828.1-4828.16.
  • DNA damage causes rapid accumulation of phosphoinositides for ATR signaling / Y. Wang, A. Hariharan, G. Bastianello, Y. Toyama, G.V. Shivashankar, M. Foiani, M.P. Sheetz. - In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. - ISSN 2041-1723. - 8:1(2017 Dec 14).
  • Major Roles for Pyrimidine Dimers, Nucleotide Excision Repair, and ATR in the Alternative Splicing Response to UV Irradiation / M.J. Muñoz, N. Nieto Moreno, L.E. Giono, A.E. Cambindo Botto, G. Dujardin, G. Bastianello, S. Lavore, A. Torres-Méndez, C.F.M. Menck, B.J. Blencowe, M. Irimia, M. Foiani, A.R. Kornblihtt. - In: CELL REPORTS. - ISSN 2211-1247. - 18:12(2017 Mar 21), pp. 2868-2879.
  • THE ROLE OF ATM IN THE REGULATION OF CELL MECHANICS / G. Bastianello ; added supervisor: H. Arakawa ; supervisor: M. Foiani. - Milano : Università degli studi di Milano. DIPARTIMENTO DI ONCOLOGIA ED EMATO-ONCOLOGIA, 2017 Mar 02. ((28. ciclo, Anno Accademico 2016.
  • A double-strand break can trigger immunoglobulin gene conversion / G. Bastianello, H. Arakawa. - In: NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH. - ISSN 0305-1048. - 45:1(2017), pp. 231-243.