Curone Giulio

Adjunct Professor



Via Celoria, 10
20133 MILANO (MI)

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A.Y. 2019/2020
Veterinary specialisation school


  • Characterization of bacterial microbiota composition along the gastrointestinal tract in rabbits / E. Cotozzolo, P. Cremonesi, G. Curone, L. Menchetti, F. Riva, F. Biscarini, L. Marongiu Maria, M. Castrica, B. Castiglioni, D. Miraglia, S. Luridiana, G. Brecchia. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 11:1(2021 Jan), pp. 31.1-31.16.
  • New polymorphisms at MTNR1A gene and their association with reproductive resumption in sarda breed sheep / S. Luridiana, G. Cosso, L. Pulinas, M.V. Di Stefano, G. Curone, V. Carcangiu, M.C. Mura. - In: THERIOGENOLOGY. - ISSN 0093-691X. - 158(2020 Dec), pp. 438-444.
  • Impact of Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum) supplementation on the energy homeostasis of rabbit does: Uni- and Multivariate Approach / L. Menchetti, G. Curone, E. Andoni, O. Barbato, A. Troisi, B. Fioretti, A. Polisca, M. Codini, C. Canali, D. Vigo, G. Brecchia. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 10:11(2020 Oct 30), pp. 2000.1-2000.19.
  • Impact of Dietary Supplementation with Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum) on Microbiological Quality, Physico-Chemical, and Sensory Characteristics of Rabbit Meat / M. Castrica, L. Menchetti, C.M. Balzaretti, R. Branciari, D. Ranucci, E. Cotozzolo, D. Vigo, G. Curone, G. Brecchia, D. Miraglia. - In: FOODS. - ISSN 2304-8158. - 9:10(2020 Oct 16).
  • Heat treatment of bovine colostrum: II. Effects on calf serum immunoglobulin, insulin, and IGF-I concentrations, and the serum proteome / S. Mann, G. Curone, T.L. Chandler, A. Sipka, J. Cha, R. Bhawal, S. Zhang. - In: JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE. - ISSN 0022-0302. - 103:10(2020 Oct), pp. 9384-9406.