Bonizzoni Letizia Maria

Category D - Technical, data processing and scientific-technical Area



Via Celoria, 16
20133 MILANO (MI)

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02503 17472
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02 50317442
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  • Prehistorical Obsidian Sources in the Island of Lipari (Aeolian Islands) / M. Clara Martinelli, M. Coltelli, M. Manni, L.M. Bonizzoni, A. Guglielmetti, M. Oddone, M. Laura Balestrieri. - 6(2020 Nov), pp. 393-402.
  • Deep inside the color: How optical microscopy contributes to the elemental characterization of a painting / A. Galli, M. Caccia, L. Bonizzoni, M. Gargano, N. Ludwig, G. Poldi, M. Martini. - In: MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL. - ISSN 0026-265X. - 155(2020 Jun).
  • The role of IRT in the archaeometric study of ancient glass through XRF and FORS / F. Micheletti, J. Orsilli, J. Melada, M. Gargano, N.G. Ludwig, L.M. Bonizzoni. - In: MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL. - ISSN 0026-265X. - 153(2020 Mar), pp. 104388.1-104388.10.
  • Magnetic stimulation of gold fiducial markers used in Image-Guided Radiation Therapy : evidences of hyperthermia effects / P. Arosio, M. Avolio, M. Gargano, F. Orsini, S. Gallo, J. Melada, L.M. Bonizzoni, N.G. Ludwig, I. Veronese. - In: MEASUREMENT. - ISSN 0263-2241. - 151(2020 Feb), pp. 107242.1-107242.6.
  • Application of statistical analyses for Lapis Lazuli stone provenance determination by XRL and XRF / L.M. Bonizzoni, M. Saleh, J. Orsilli, S. Samela, M. Gargano, S. Gallo, A. Galli. - In: MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL. - ISSN 0026-265X. - 154(2020), pp. 104655.1-104655.9.