Madeddu Manuela

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow


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  • Physical parameters and fatty acids profiles in milanino, mericanel della brianza, valdarnese bianca and commercial hybrids (Gallus gallus domesticus) table eggs / S.P. Marelli, L. Zaniboni, M. Madeddu, A.A. Sayed, M.G. Strillacci, M.G. Mangiagalli, S. Cerolini. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 10:9(2020 Sep), pp. 1533.1-1533.10.
  • Semen freezability in Italian chicken breeds / A. Abdel Sayed, F. Mosca, M. Madeddu, M.G. Mangiagalli, S. Cerolini, L. Zaniboni. - In: ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. - ISSN 1828-051X. - 18:Suppl.1(2019 Aug 15), pp. P062.143-P062.143. ((Intervento presentato al 23. convegno ASPA Congress : June, 11th - 14th tenutosi a Sorrento nel 2019.
  • Phenotypic and genetic characterization of the Italian bantam chicken breed Mericanel della Brianza / M.C. Cozzi, E. Colombo, L. Zaniboni, M. Madeddu, F. Mosca, M.G. Strillacci, M.L. Longeri, A. Bagnato, S. Cerolini. - In: LIVESTOCK SCIENCE. - ISSN 1871-1413. - 205(2017), pp. 56-63.
  • Growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat composition of Milanino chickens fed on diets with different protein concentrations / F. Mosca, C.A. Kuster, S. Stella, G. Farina, M. Madeddu, L. Zaniboni, S. Cerolini. - In: BRITISH POULTRY SCIENCE. - ISSN 0007-1668. - 57:4(2016 Aug), pp. 531-537.
  • Effect of cooling rate on the survival of cryopreserved rooster sperm : comparison of different distances in the vapor above the surface of the liquid nitrogen / M. Madeddu, F. Mosca, A.A. Sayed, L. Zaniboni, M. Mangiagalli, E. Colombo, S. Cerolini. - In: ANIMAL REPRODUCTION SCIENCE. - ISSN 0378-4320. - 171(2016 Aug), pp. 58-64.