Rabuffetti Marco

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Golgi, 19 - Corpo B
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Conformational Studies on Two FtsZ Targeting Cyclic Peptides / N. Vidović, T. Recca, P. Francescato, M. Rabuffetti, M. Sironi, F. Oliva, S. Pieraccini, G. Speranza. - In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE RESEARCH AND THERAPEUTICS. - ISSN 1573-3149. - 26:3(2020 Sep), p. 1567.
  • Synthesis of γ-glutamyl derivatives of sulfur-containing amino acids in a multigram scale via a two-step, one-pot procedure / G. Speranza, M. Rabuffetti, N. Vidovic, C.F. Morelli. - In: MOLBANK. - ISSN 1422-8599. - 2020:3(2020 Jul), pp. M1147.1-M1147.8.
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance as a Tool for Ligand Binding Investigation of Engineered GPR17 Receptor, a G Protein Coupled Receptor Involved in Myelination / CAPELLI DAVIDE, PARRAVICINI CHIARA, G. Pochetti, R. Montanari, C. Temporini, M. Rabuffetti, M.L. Trincavelli, DANIELE SIMONA, FUMAGALLI MARTA, S. Saporiti, E. Bonfanti, ABBRACCHIO MARIA PIA, EBERINI IVANO, CERUTI STEFANIA MARIA, E. Calleri, S. Capaldi. - In: FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY. - ISSN 2296-2646. - 7(2020 Jan 10), pp. 910.1-910.14.
  • Influence of drying techniques and growing location on the chemical composition of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L., var. Senise) / G. Speranza, R. Lo Scalzo, C.F. Morelli, M. Rabuffetti, G. Bianchi. - In: JOURNAL OF FOOD BIOCHEMISTRY. - ISSN 0145-8884. - 43:11(2019 Nov).
  • Effect of the inserted active-site-covering lid loop on the catalytic activity of a mutant B. subtilis γ-glutamyltransferase (GGT) / M. Massone, C. Calvio, M. Rabuffetti, G. Speranza, C.F. Morelli. - In: RSC ADVANCES. - ISSN 2046-2069. - 9:60(2019 Oct), pp. 34699-34709.