Magni Mirko

Adjunct Professor



Via Golgi, 19 - Corpo A
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • A highly responsive healing agent for the autonomous repair of anti-corrosion coatings on wet surfaces. In operando assessment of the self-healing process / M.S. Koochaki, S.N. Khorasani, R.E. Neisiany, A. Ashrafi, S. Trasatti, M. Magni. - In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE. - ISSN 0022-2461. - 56:2(2021 Jan), pp. 1794-1813.
  • Wet Corrosion of Al 1050 Alloy in Ethyl Bromide Containing Environment / M. Rizzi, R. Beltrami, M. Magni, S.P. Trasatti. - In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE. - ISSN 1573-4803. - (2020 Jul 06). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Spectrally Selective PANI/ITO Nanocomposite Electrodes for Energy-Efficient Dual Band Electrochromic Windows / P. Yilmaz, M. Magni, S. Martinez, R.M. Gonzalez Gil, M. Della Pirriera, M. Manca. - In: ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS. - ISSN 2574-0962. - 3:4(2020 Apr 27), pp. 3779-3788.
  • Green Corrosion Inhibitors from Agri-Food Wastes: The Case of Punica granatum Extract and Its Constituent Ellagic Acid. A Validation Study / M. Magni, E. Postiglione, S. Marzorati, L. Verotta, S.P. Trasatti. - In: PROCESSES. - ISSN 2227-9717. - 8:3(2020 Mar 01).
  • Reuse of Zinc: from Galvanized Scrap to Galvanized Steel. The Role of Cathodic Plasma Electrolysis / M. Magni, A. Radaelli, M. Ceka, S. Trasatti. ((Intervento presentato al 2. convegno EnerCHEM tenutosi a Padova nel 2020.