Colombo Monica

Type B Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Celoria, 26 - Corpo B
20133 MILANO (MI)

University email address


  • NoPv1: a synthetic antimicrobial peptide aptamer targeting the causal agents of grapevine downy mildew and potato late blight / M. Colombo, S. Masiero, S. Rosa, E. Caporali, S.L. Toffolatti, C. Mizzotti, L. Tadini, F. Rossi, S. Pellegrino, R. Musetti, R. Velasco, M. Perazzolli, S. Vezzulli, P. Pesaresi. - In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. - ISSN 2045-2322. - 10:1(2020 Oct 16), pp. 17574.1-17574.18.
  • The plastid transcription machinery and its coordination with the expression of nuclear genome: Plastid-Encoded Polymerase, Nuclear-Encoded Polymerase and the Genomes Uncoupled 1-mediated retrograde communication / L. Tadini, N. Jeran, C. Peracchio, S. Masiero, M. Colombo, P. Pesaresi. - In: PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS - ROYAL SOCIETY. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES. - ISSN 0962-8436. - 375:1801(2020 Jun 22).
  • Frequency and clinical relevance of coding and noncoding NOTCH1 mutations in early stage Binet A chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients / M. Lionetti, M. Barbieri, V. Favasuli, E. Taiana, S. Fabris, C. Favoino, G. Ciceri, S. Matis, M. Colombo, R. Massara, G. Reda, M. Gentile, V. Spina, D. Rossi, L. Baldini, G. Gaidano, F. Fais, M. Ferrarini, F. Morabito, G. Cutrona, A. Neri. - In: HEMATOLOGICAL ONCOLOGY. - ISSN 0278-0232. - (2020). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Trans-splicing of plastid rps12 transcripts, mediated by AtPPR4, is essential for embryo patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana / L. Tadini, R. Ferrari, M.K. Lehniger, C. Mizzotti, F. Moratti, F. Resentini, M. Colombo, A. Costa, S. Masiero, P. Pesaresi. - In: PLANTA. - ISSN 0032-0935. - 248:1(2018 Jul), pp. 257-265.
  • Peptide Aptamers as an environmental friendly approach in the treatment of grapevine Plasmopora Vinicola downy mildew / S. Pellegrino, S. Masiero, P. Pesaresi, S. Vezzulli, M. Colombo - In: 16th Naples Workshop on Bioactive Peptides[s.l] : Edizioni Ziino Massmedia Comunicazione SRLS-Italy, 2018. - pp. 1-1