Meazzi Sara

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow


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  • Concordance between histology, immunohistochemistry, and Rt-Pcr in the diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis / A. Stranieri, D. Scavone, S. Paltrinieri, A. Giordano, F. Bonsembiante, S. Ferro, M.E. Gelain, S. Meazzi, S. Lauzi. - In: PATHOGENS. - ISSN 2076-0817. - 9:10(2020 Oct 18), pp. 852.1-852.15.
  • THE INTERPLAY BETWEEN HOST DEFENSES AND SYSTEMIC PATHOGENS IN PROMOTING DISEASES OF COMPANION ANIMALS / S. Meazzi ; tutor: A. Giordano ; coordinatore: V. Grieco ; revisori esterni: E. Lepri; G. Rossi. - Milano : Università degli studi di Milano. DIPARTIMENTO DI MEDICINA VETERINARIA, 2020 Feb 05. ((32. ciclo, Anno Accademico 2019.
  • Preliminary investigation on feline coronavirus presence in the reproductive tract of the tom cat as a potential route of viral transmission / A. Stranieri, M. Probo, M.C. Pisu, A. Fioletti, S. Meazzi, M.E. Gelain, F. Bonsembiante, S. Lauzi, S. Paltrinieri. - In: JOURNAL OF FELINE MEDICINE AND SURGERY. - ISSN 1098-612X. - 22:2(2020 Feb), pp. 178-185.
  • Serum paraoxonase 1 activity in cats: analytical validation, reference intervals, and correlation with serum amyloid A and alpha-1-acid glycoprotein / G. Rossi, S. Meazzi, A. Giordano, S. Paltrinieri. - In: JOURNAL OF VETERINARY DIAGNOSTIC INVESTIGATION. - ISSN 1040-6387. - 32:6(2020), pp. 844-855.
  • Feline gut microbiota composition in association with feline coronavirus infection : a pilot study / S. Meazzi, A. Stranieri, S. Lauzi, F. Bonsembiante, S. Ferro, S. Paltrinieri, A. Giordano. - In: RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE. - ISSN 0034-5288. - 125(2019 Aug), pp. 272-278.