Salini Silvia

Associate Professor
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Via Conservatorio, 7
20122 MILANO (MI)

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02503 21538
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Wednesday from 9 to 12. CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY: The teacher is available for interviews via Teams. First send a message in the chat to schedule the appointment and reduce waiting times
DEMM, room 31, 3° floor


  • Monitoring emergency calls and social networks for covid-19 surveillance. To learn for the future: The outbreak experience of the lombardia region in Italy / S. Castaldi, M. Maffeo, B.A. Rivieccio, M. Zignani, G. Manzi, F. Nicolussi, S. Salini, A. Micheletti, S. Gaito, E. Biganzoli. - In: ACTA BIO-MEDICA DE L'ATENEO PARMENSE. - ISSN 0392-4203. - 91:9-S(2020 Jul), pp. 29-33.
  • Robust multivariate analysis for mixed-type data: Novel algorithm and its practical application in socio-economic research / A. Grané, S. Salini, E. Verdolini. - In: SOCIO-ECONOMIC PLANNING SCIENCES. - ISSN 0038-0121. - (2020 Jun 23). [Epub ahead of print]
  • Are health indicators able to describe the ability to cope of Health Systems with COVID-19 epidemic? / S. Castaldi, E. Luconi, B.A. Rivieccio, P. Boracchi, G. Marano, E. Pariani, L. Romano', F. Auxilia, F. Nicolussi, A. Micheletti, G. Manzi, S. Salini, M. Galli, E.M. Biganzoli. - (2020 Jun 16).
  • Controlling for Selection Bias in Social Media Indicators through Official Statistics: a Proposal / S.M. Iacus, G. Porro, S. Salini, E. Siletti. - In: JOURNAL OF OFFICIAL STATISTICS. - ISSN 0282-423X. - 36:2(2020 Jun 15), pp. 315-338.
  • Modeling provincial Covid-19 epidemic data in Italy using an adjusted time-dependent SIRD model / L. Ferrari, G. Gerardi, G. Manzi, A. Micheletti, F. Nicolussi, E. Biganzoli, S. Salini. - (2020 Jun 02).