Noli Stefania Antonia

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Fanti, 6 - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Pad. Regina Elena
20122 MILANO (MI)

University email address


  • Pretreatment maternal lifestyle and outcomes of assisted reproduction: an Italian cohort study / E. Ricci, S. Noli, S. Ferrari, I. La Vecchia, V. De Cosmi, M. Castiglioni, E. Somigliana, C. Agostoni, S. Cipriani, P.A. Mauri, F. Parazzini. - In: BMJ OPEN. - ISSN 2044-6055. - 10:11(2020 Nov 26).
  • Dietary carbohydrate intake, dietary glycemic load and outcomes of in vitro fertilization : Findings from an observational italian cohort study / S.A. Noli, E. Ricci, S. Cipriani, S. Ferrari, M. Castiglioni, I. La Vecchia, E. Somigliana, F. Parazzini. - In: NUTRIENTS. - ISSN 2072-6643. - 12:6(2020 May 28), pp. 1568.1-1568.13.
  • Fatty acids, food groups and semen variables in men referring to an Italian Fertility Clinic: Cross-sectional analysis of a prospective cohort study / E. Ricci, S. Noli, S. Ferrari, I. La Vecchia, M. Castiglioni, S. Cipriani, E. Somigliana, F. Parazzini, C. Agostoni. - In: ANDROLOGIA. - ISSN 0303-4569. - 52:3(2020 Apr).
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  • The role of diet in unexpected poor response to ovarian stimulation: a cross-sectional study / S.A. Noli, S. Ferrari, E. Ricci, M. Reschini, S. Cipriani, C. Dallagiovanna, F. Parazzini, E. Somigliana. - In: REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE. - ISSN 1472-6483. - 41:5(2020), pp. 874-883.