Marelli Stefano Paolo

Category D - Technical, data processing and scientific-technical Area


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02503 18028
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  • Physical parameters and fatty acids profiles in milanino, mericanel della brianza, valdarnese bianca and commercial hybrids (Gallus gallus domesticus) table eggs / S.P. Marelli, L. Zaniboni, M. Madeddu, A.A. Sayed, M.G. Strillacci, M.G. Mangiagalli, S. Cerolini. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 10:9(2020 Sep), pp. 1533.1-1533.10.
  • Hybrid versus autochthonous Turkey populations : Homozygous genomic regions occurrences due to artificial and natural selection / M.G. Strillacci, S.P. Marelli, G. Martinez-Velazquez. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 10:8(2020 Jul 30), pp. 1318.1-1318.14.
  • Genotypic and allelic frequencies of MDR1 gene in dogs in Italy / S.P. Marelli, M. Polli, S. Frattini, M. Cortellari, R. Rizzi, P. Crepaldi. - In: VETERINARY RECORD OPEN. - ISSN 2052-6113. - 2020(2020 Jun 24), pp. e000375.1-e000375.5.
  • Growth Performance Analysis of Two Italian Slow-Growing Chicken Breeds : Bianca di Saluzzo and Bionda Piemontese / D. Soglia, S. Sartore, S. Maione, A. Schiavone, S. Dabbou, J. Nery, L. Zaniboni, S.P. Marelli, P. Sacchi, R. Rasero. - In: ANIMALS. - ISSN 2076-2615. - 10:6(2020 Jun), pp. 969.1-969.16.
  • Effects of probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL (CECT 4529) on the nutritional and health status of boxer dogs / S.P. Marelli, E. Fusi, A. Giardini, P.A. Martino, M. Polli, N. Bruni, R. Rizzi. - In: VETERINARY RECORD. - ISSN 0042-4900. - (2020 Mar 16). [Epub ahead of print]