Milani Sula

Type A Postdoctoral Fellow



Via Mangiagalli 32/Botticelli, 23
20133 MILANO (MI)

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  • Thermal and compressional behavior of the natural borate kurnakovite, MgB3O3(OH)5·5H2O / F. Pagliaro, P. Lotti, T. Battiston, D. Comboni, G.D. Gatta, F. Cámara, S. Milani, M. Merlini, K. Glazyrin, H. Liermann. - In: CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS. - ISSN 0950-0618. - 266:part B(2021 Jan 10), pp. 121094.1-121094.13.
  • High-pressure behavior and phase stability of Na2B4O6(OH)2·3H2O (kernite) / D. Comboni, F. Pagliaro, G.D. Gatta, P. Lotti, S. Milani, M. Merlini, T. Battiston, K. Glazyrin, H. Liermann. - In: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY. - ISSN 0002-7820. - 103:9(2020 Sep), pp. 5291-5301.
  • The elastic behavior of zeolitic frameworks : The case of MFI type zeolite under high-pressure methanol intrusion / D. Comboni, F. Pagliaro, P. Lotti, G.D. Gatta, M. Merlini, S. Milani, M. Migliori, G. Giordano, E. Catizzone, I.E. Collings, M. Hanfland. - In: CATALYSIS TODAY. - ISSN 0920-5861. - 345(2020 Apr 01), pp. 88-96.
  • Dissolution susceptibility of glass-like carbon versus crystalline graphite in high-pressure aqueous fluids and implications for the behavior of organic matter in subduction zones / S. Tumiati, C. Tiraboschi, F. Miozzi, A. Vitale-Brovarone, C.E. Manning, D. Sverjensky, S. Milani, S. Poli. - In: GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. - ISSN 0016-7037. - 273(2020), pp. 383-402.
  • Single-crystal diffraction at the high-pressure Indo-Italian beamline Xpress at Elettra, Trieste / P. Lotti, S. Milani, M. Merlini, B. Joseph, F. Alabarse, A. Lausi. - In: JOURNAL OF SYNCHROTRON RADIATION. - ISSN 0909-0495. - 27:Pt 1(2020 Jan 01), pp. 222-229.