Council of Postgraduate Students

The Council of Postgraduate Students is the highest representative body of postgraduates at University level. The Council promotes and coordinates the participation of postgraduates in the academic organization, counsels the governing bodies of the University, and submits proposals on matters mainly or exclusively concerning postgraduates.

The proposals and motions put forward by the Council are submitted to the governing bodies of the University for assessment within their respective competencies. In particular, the Council expresses non-binding opinions on:

  • changes to the University Regulations regarding postgraduate schools
  • organization and management of postgraduate schools
  • the discipline of teaching and scientific activities addressed to postgraduate students
  • operations of individual postgraduate schools.

The Council brings together postgraduates also through cultural and social initiatives, organized primarily for postgraduates of the University of Milan.

The Council interacts with the other University Councils: the PhD Students Council, the Research Fellows Council and the Temporary Researchers Council. The Council interacts with similar representative bodies of the postgraduates of other Milanese and Lombard universities, if any.

The Council, within its province, submits to the Rector and the competent University bodies the names of postgraduate students of the University of Milan to be appointed in any external collegial bodies.

The Council is composed of one representative per Postgraduate Programme delivered or administered by the University. Each member remains in office for one year and may be re-elected twice.

The members of the Council are required to participate regularly in the Council and Board sessions. If a member is unable to attend a session, he or she may delegate another representative from his/her programme, for no more than one consecutive session, and no more than two sessions in the same calendar year. As far as the Board is concerned, the delegate may be a representative from the same area. The members of the Council are required to report regularly to the Council on the activities of the bodies in which they were elected, and to the postgraduates of their school on the activities of the Council itself.