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New website

The new website is now online. Designed to meet the needs of students and with a view to creating stronger links with the territory, unimi.it is responsive, bilingual and above all an ongoing project to which the entire university community is contributing.

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The news

The latest on the new website in the University's Magazine.

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Redesign the website: our work in progress blog posts (in Italian).

Help us

The new site is the result of a long and complex work, done with the constant collaboration between the working group and Governance, staff, students and external users.

The support of the university community is still crucial.

In the future investigations will be carried out following standardized protocols; at this time we only turn instead to the main users of the portal to collect the first punctual assessments on the quality of the product and above all the indication of errors or failures, which we know to be present and partly inevitable in this preview phase.
After having had some experience in the new portal, lecturers, technical-administrative staff and librarians, researchers and students can fill out a "Unimi.it preview comments" questionnaire, get in touch with us and help us.

User-centered design, the project of the new site is based on this. We have involved our users since the early stages and we want to continue doing so.

We are creating a group of people willing to participate in collaborative design or usability tests; if you want to be part of it, fill out the form and in the coming months we will propose you some activities.