University Library Service

The University Library Service (Servizio bibliotecario d’Ateneo, SBA) supports the University's teaching, study and research activities.

The University Library Service includes:

  1. The Library Coordination Division, which is responsible for the general organization and management of the library service;
  2. 17 libraries within the Library Coordination Division, grouped into four branches corresponding to as many academic areas: Biomedical Sciences Libraries; Law, Economics, Social and Political Libraries; Scientific Libraries, Humanities Libraries;
  3. Two branches pertaining to the Library Coordination Division: Digital Library and Technological Platforms; Libraries and Front Office Central Services;
  4. The scientific boards assisting the Library Coordination Division and the libraries with consultancy and guidance tasks: Library Scientific Commissions, Academic Field Scientific Commissions, the University Commission for Libraries (Commissione d’Ateneo per le Biblioteche, CAB), the Digital Library Scientific Committee.
University libraries and Coronavirus emergency